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Top 5 Best Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Florida

A reverse mortgage is not an easy concept for many people to wrap their minds around. Normally, a mortgage requires the borrower to pay the lender every month but in the case of reverse mortgage, it’s the other way around—the lender pays the borrower every month. If you’re a homeowner and your age is 62 years old or over, you may be able to apply for this type of loan. Now what are the best reverse mortgage lenders in Florida today?

Urban Financial Group. This is currently one of the largest reverse mortgage lenders—not only in Florida but in the entire nation. The company is licensed in all states and the fees they charge are highly competitive compared to other lenders. This group is a proud member of the NRMLA or the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.


Security 1 Lending. When talking about the best reverse mortgage lenders in Florida, this is one of those that always make it to the top 5 list. They are licensed in almost all states providing seniors with reverse mortgage loans. Just like the first lender, this is also a member of the NRMLA.


First National Bank. If you want to apply for a reverse mortgage to a lender that’s been around for a very long time already, you should submit application to the First National Bank—one of the leaders in the reverse mortgage industry. This is a direct lender so you can expect to only be charged lower loan rates compared to other brokers.

Generation Mortgage. An independently owned lending company in the United States, this is one of those that have won loads of awards already from the respected Better Business Bureau. This is considered the best lender in the country by many people because Generation Mortgage offers highly competitive rates and fees compared to other companies.


AAG Reverse Mortgage. When talking about the most popular lenders in the state of Florida, this is one of the few—endorsed by former senator Fred Thompson.

There you have it—the top 5 best reverse mortgage lenders in Florida today. Get to know more about each one and take your pick. Whatever you choose from these five, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the best option possible.

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